Miguel Garcia


In Kirck! krack?The author shows the stuggles of Haitians with deaths and tears. In many stories like children of the sea, 1937, Danticat showed how Haitians will cry, because they couldn’t do anything else about their life. Crying means suffering, they suffer and cry. Crying means life, for Haiti is always marked by pain.
Danticat is also saying to never give up regardless of what happens. Many of characters have seen horrible things happening to the people. Danticat often explains, there is no universal Haitian experience because the people who suffer are individuals. I’m also going to talk about how the trouble’s in Haiti impact these stories.

In “children of the sea “There is two lovers writing letters to each other, that they will never get. The girl narrator is angry that her father doesn’t want her with the guy, The guy narrator is a member too, left Haiti. In his boat there is a pregnant teenager, Célianne, who was raped by soldiers. The she realize that her baby was dead; she throws it and herself overboard. The girl narrator sees a black butterfly and knows the guy narrator has died. And there big chances that he may be dead because the ship was lost and has never been seen since then.

“Nineteen Thirty-Seven” The mother is in jail because they say that she is a witch. Because she was accused of killing babies. Hours before Josephine’s birth, her mother had a tragedy with blood-filled river to Haiti from the Dominican Republic, where Haitians were slaughtered, including Josephine’s grandmother. Every year, Josephine and her mother did rituals at the Massacre River. When Josephine visits her innocent mother, she never says anything. Crying is one of the symbols in this story because of how the mother was always happy to see the Madonna statue, and when her mother gave her the Madonna when she knew she wasn’t going to make it. Josephine tries not to cry so no one notices that she is suffering. But Josephine’s mother makes the Madonna statue cry because her suffering has not died. When Josephine’s mother dies, Jacqueline, another ritual performer, takes Josephine to see her body burned.

The story shows that everyone goes through suffering in his or her own way. But one thing that most of the characters have in common is that they have hope. Most characters in these stories hold on to hope to stay alive. In “children of the sea the two lovers hoping to see each other one day, In the story Danticat showed what she was trying to get through us, which was to have faith and hope.