Thesis statement:

In the short story "children of the sea." Danticat described the struggles the Haitian people went through & some sacrafices that had to be made in order to survive.She does this when she talkes about the loved ones left behind, things the people had to let go of, and decisions made by a young teen.

  • Loved ones: When the haitian people left in the boat they were forced to leave their loved ones behind. Another example of this was the main characters in the story which were sepereated, where writing letters to each other. Even thought they both knew they weren't getting to one another they still wrote, to keep their love alive & feel as thought they are still together.
  • Things let go of: The haitian people on the boat eventually had to throw their only belongings out of the boat so it wouldn't sink. The only things they had, they had to let go of.
  • Young teen: A young girl who was on the boat was faced with a struggle no 16 year old should have to go through. From being raped in the previous months she became pregnant by the soldier who took her innocence. With no other choice, she had the baby on the boat. She'd become so fond towards her new born, but everyone knew the baby hadn't survived yet she still held it in her arms, waiting.. waiting for a cry. When they finally convinced her to throw the baby over board, the dread was so strong that she threw herself too.

Kiara Pichardo
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